Monday, February 6, 2012

Weekend in Ensenada

I spent this weekend in Ensenada hosted by a Doctor friend I met through Rotary. We had two goals, volunteering at the Thousand Smiles clinic, and making contacts with our partner museums in Ensenada. I would write a lengthy blog on the clinic, but I don't want to get all mushy but it was very...touching. You can find more information at

I have to tell you, at first I was not sure how I could help with a dental clinic. But I learned something about myself that I had never really though about. After many, many years in the museum field, I can do data entry and filing like nobody's business.

On the other hand, Ensenada was amazing. Like Grand Turk on steroids. Or maybe like Grand Turk with a million more people. I am sorry I did not take more pictures. I had meetings and saw museums and ate at taco carts. The highlight of my weekend, however, was a Saturday visit to a local fishmarket on the beach. We ordered a half a dozen oysters from a small stand and sat at a makeshift table right at the high tide line. As boats came in, people swarmed to buy fresh fish. It was very reminiscent of my first experience buying fish on Grand Turk. My friend bought two dog snappers. I bought a 4-foot reef shark for about eight bucks. I had the shark cut up into about a dozen or more steaks to bring back to El Centro.

Yesterday, I took jalapeno and cilantro crusted shark to the Super Bowl party.