Saturday, November 15, 2008

Beckley, West Virginia

We have spent the night in Beckley, West Virginia. The drive down here was melancholy. Too reminiscent of the same drive we made just a few weeks ago. On Saturday, September 6 we spent the whole night in the hotel room here watching Ike on So much has changed since then.

Martin is staying in Columbus where he will continue with high school. We are a smaller family of four traveling back to the Turks Islands.

Today, instead of returning home like we did 8 weeks ago we will continue on down to Florida.

One really positive thing. I received a call yesterday that we finally got electricity hooked up at the museum. Now will begin the real work.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Eight Weeks

Today, I left Grand Turk on a flight home. I just looked at my immigration stamp and realized that it has been exactly eight weeks since I returned to Grand Turk after Ike. Yesterday, it seemed like a really long eight weeks. When looking at the immigration stamp it does not seem that long.

A lot has happened in eight weeks though. I came back to a house nearly destroyed, released all employees from the museum, the chairman of the board of trustees at the museum, Colin Brooker, passed away, I have attended countless meetings, been appointed to a committee working on the National Ten Year Development Plan, been appointed to a committee working on the Sustainable Tourism Plan, began working with a committee to develop an action plan for historic architecture on Grand Turk, been placed on the team working on the restoration plan for Government House on Salt Cay, had several dives with the DECR working on the BioROck project, settled two insurance claims, hired and worked with multiple contractors, our Holland America cruise excursion began (which has been sold out so far), brought in and trained Dinah Samuelson, who will be running the cruise excursion for six months, and last week we held a tour and reception for 37 people from the Historical Museum of Southern Florida. And this is not even what has been keeping me busy.

I still have no electricity or internet at the house or museum. But we have moved temporarily into an apartment while the house is being worked on. The last eighteen days have been incredibly busy. Cruise ships have started coming daily. We have also gotten the roof on the house, begun electricity, and hung all new ceilings.

It has not been all bad. On Sunday I dove to 115 feet. My deepest dive so far.

I will be home in a couple hours. I am looking forward to seeing my family. I am also slightly stressed about leaving. In a few days, however, I will be on the Carnival Destiny returning to Grand Turk with my family. I am looking forward to having a great holiday season. And right now, as I sit here in the airport, I think this might be the best holidays ever.