Monday, April 30, 2012

AAM Conference

I am in Minneapolis at the American Association of Museums annual conference. I presented yesterday on Truth and Cherished Myths in Museums.

Last night, I was at the Minneapolis Museum of Art in a room that had both a band and a Rietveld chair. So, that to me is pretty cool. Kind of all my favorite things right there.

In fact, lots of chairs; a Marcel Breuer chair, a Charles Mackintosh chair, a Mies Van Der Roe chair, and a bunch of Frank Lloyd Wright furniture.

Chairs represent one of the greatest artifacts to showcase the culture of design. They have a utilitarian function that is directly tied to the proportions of the human body. And in the history of the human body, the chair is nearly the same as it had always been. You can not design a chair that does not conform to the same basic size as the "chair," because if it can not function as a chair, it is really not a chair. So when you see a bunch of chairs together, you can begin to clearly see, and begin to understand, stylistic difference of period design.

I pointed this all out to the colleagues I was with. They pointed out that I was kind of a dork. Then we went to listen to the band.