Friday, July 6, 2012

Big Bay (15 second) Boom

I am sure you have seen on the news the crazy 15 second fireworks display in San Diego on Wednesday. Deneen, Lucas, Davis, and I were there. I flew in to San Diego on Tuesday. We had planned the trip so that we would be able to see the firewors display. We visited the Maritime Museum and the Midway Museum, both located on the bay, and then found a bench at the end of one of the piers.

We staked out a place right on the end of the pier early in the afternoon. Deneen was not extremely happy to sit all afternoon. It was extremely cold for July, 65 degrees, with a stiff wind coming off of the ocean. We did not plan well and had no blankets or chairs.

At about five minutes before 9:00pm there was a tremendous series of explosions. We could see three of the barges, and the barge in front of us was less than 100 yards. It was really loud. I had to put my hands over my ears. The crowd starting cheering, thinking that this was the start to the best fireworks display they were ever going to see. It quickly became apparent that something was wrong. At 9:00 the radio played a coutdown, but then nothing happened. The music that was to sinc with the fireworks continued to play. We could see people with flashlights on the barge. Then, about 20 minutes later, the tug boat attached to the barge put it in high gear and started moving the barge back across the bay.

I just watched the event on Youtube. It looks way different that I remember it. I don't remember the explosions being very big, they were just loud. But the video is crazy. Lucas only captured the last seconds on his iPhone, but you can clearly hear the crowd, and Davis, to understand the everyone's reaction. After sitting on the bay all day it was a real bust. Then we got in the car and drove and hour and a half home.