Friday, May 17, 2019

The Big Bang

Well, the Big Bang Theory is not something I have talked a lot about. But. Throughout this blog it has played an important part. In the Turks and Caicos we did not have TV, only DVDs. And watching sitcoms over and over became a past time. The Big Bang Theory became an easy favorite. But what I discovered is that the Big Bang theory is an easy television show to watch in the background. We watched it over and over and over.

It never raised its voice. It laughed. But not too loud. It argued. But never yelled. It was consistent. With a volume level that allowed one to fall asleep to its consistent idiosyncratic banter. All the while it continued to play throughout the night.

Every Christmas season I have waited for the Black Friday sales of the Big Bang Theory DVDs at Target in order to collect the next and next and next season. After amassing each season, I have watched each season after season after season.

During the four months I was in Alaska in 2016, I watched the Big Bang Theory every night. I would put a DVD in my computer and watch four episodes until I drifted off. I watched 10 seasons. Three times. Then I watched every episode of every season in reverse order. Season 3, where both Bernadette and Amy are introduced is clearly the best season, so I watched it again, and then again. 

During the final season, which ended tonight, I moved to Hawaii and lived in an apartment for a year without television. I have not seen a single episode of the final season. Season 12. Maybe this is for the best. I can leave this part of my past behind. 12 years from leaving Ohio. 12 years of Big Bang Theory.

Or maybe it is part of a larger plan, where I binge watch the Big Bang Theory until the final season is released and then...I watch that over and over and over again...

until I fall asleep.

Only to wake up in the new reality of a new sitcom. 

“Jane, stop this crazy thing...called life.”