Friday, June 26, 2015

Chaos Theory

Student: I was just listening to a TED talk about time and how the universe starts orderly and then entropy sets in. It said that when you watch something in reverse, you can immediately tell something is wrong, because things are becoming more organized, Entropy is the natural sate of things. 

Socrates: The key tenant to Western Culture is organization; a constant focus on creating categorization and organization. Trying to control and annotate the natural world is unnatural. Native American Culture is exactly opposite; trying to live in the natural world. If living in the natural world is chaos, then the history of the Western World is about trying to unsuccessfully control chaos.

Implementation of Plans

The hardest part of the last eight months has been that it has been nothing but planning, planning, planning. In the last month I have had at least three dreams about visiting the Facilities Planning office at the Ohio Historical Society. Last night I had a dream that I went to visit the office. Fred was there. But everyone else was a little kid. when they weren't looking I snuck into my office to look at old plans of projects that I had completed.

This week we completed the gift shop installation and had our first logo products arrive. I have been talking about the importance of getting a gift shop open since I first arrived.

In a planning document dated April 7 I proposed: "The gift shop is a key component of the visitor information center. The FY 2011 budget includes $6000 in gift shop receipts. Slat wall shelving will need to be purchased and installed. The museum has a supply of desert related books, but museum specific items logo items such as hats, cups, and prints will need to be produced and purchased."

A couple weeks later I went to Yosemite National park with Bryan and saw the gift shop I envisioned.