Saturday, September 28, 2019

Traveling Exhibit just Popped Up

One of the key elements shipped to Columbus was a traveling exhibit providing information on Hawaiian Mission Houses as a National Historic Landmark; our signature program History Theatre; a brief history of ʻŌpūkahʻia.

I have a process of exhibit development that attempts to be inclusive, transparent, and that tries to draw on the strengths of a team-based approach to visitor engagement. But to me, it is just fun. 

A small exhibit with limited text is very challenging. Expressing key ideas in the fewest amount of words is a lot about iteration and editing. In this case, we posted the size and scale of the proposed exhibit panels in the hallway of the offices at Hawaiian Mission Houses. We established themes for each panel and then for several days, everyone on staff had an opportunity to post images, propose text, and propose edits. This was accomplished by physically writing on, or taping things to, the mock ups. Occasionally, a hallway meeting would be held, consensus would be achieved, and we would go through another iteration of the panels. Then, the process of editing would begin again.  

The three panels, a tryptic if you will, were produced as pop-up banners; easy to travel; easy to set up.    

You can see above the process; the banners when they arrived in Columbus; the banners at the New Haven Museum; the banners at Phillips Academy Andover.  

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Columbus: A Music Town

I never realized how much Columbus is a music town until I moved to San Diego. I assumed that Southern California would have a new and dynamic music scene. But, in fact that describes Columbus. Growing up there you take it for granted. When I return, however, I take advantage of how unusual it is.

Though here for a short time, I caught Jazz Night at Brother Drakes and Hoodoo Soul night at Rumba Café. Also, I guess, Last Big Town met after 15 years and played for about 5 hours Monday night. I have not picked up a guitar in a couple years. This was one of the highlights of my visit.

Jazz in Columbus is amazing to me. With signature programs at Capital University and Ohio State, I think the town churns out excellence by the year. Every time I am in town I feel like I hear the best jazz I have ever heard. Always new. Always fresh. Always super cool.

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Columbus, Ohio

One week after Huakaʻi, I have arrived in Columbus to prep for the New England Tour.

The New England Tour?

Oh, Hawaiian Mission Houses Historic Site and Archives is touring a Hawaiian Cultural program throughout New England from September 29 - October 23. I have been shipping things to Columbus for several weeks and I am borrowing a sound system from Jared. I have not been home to see family for more than two years. I was able to see Jamey do a five minute standup set, hear Jared play, and meet the Chipotle lunch crew. Who, I guess even after 20 years, can be counted on to be at Chipotle in German Village on Wednesday!

Columbus has changed every time I return. So many micro breweries. Maybe cause its so cold!