Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Best Friends

I wish my son could be my best friend. I am sure  it doesn't work that way, but I'm just sayin.

I took Lucas to the airport on Monday to fly back to Chicago. He has been here over spring break. I told everyone that he called his mom and asked to come home, because he missed home. How could I not buy him a plane ticket. He misses us.

When I told him that story he said he did not remember the conversation going like that. But I am glad he came home, because I miss him.

This week we went rock climbing, off-roading, and hiking. We sat at the Museum booth at the Mid Winter Fair and Fiesta. Lucas used our Adobe Illustrator program to design a new t-shirt and two cups for the gift shop at the museum. He is so cool.

We talked about architecture and city design. Over the weekend we went to a history conference and sat through a dozen presentations on local historical organizations. On Monday I got an email from the president of the San Diego Congress of History telling me what a nice boy Lucas was.

On Saturday we went to see San Fermin at UC San Diego. The concert was so cool...and by cool I mean loud. On the two hour drive home we talked about the history of music and how current artists fit into the genera of past decades.

I called my brother Bryan this week to tell him how much I missed our dad. I had no idea how much my father loved me. I am only beginning to realize how much joy he got out of what I thought were sacrifices. I am so happy that our boys are moving on to become men. And I am very proud of the men they are becoming.

One day they will see life through my eyes and realize how much I loved them. And by that time I will probably be gone, just like my father was gone before I could realize how much I wished he could have been my best friend.  

Just so you know, yes, I am crying like a big baby.