Saturday, November 15, 2008

Beckley, West Virginia

We have spent the night in Beckley, West Virginia. The drive down here was melancholy. Too reminiscent of the same drive we made just a few weeks ago. On Saturday, September 6 we spent the whole night in the hotel room here watching Ike on So much has changed since then.

Martin is staying in Columbus where he will continue with high school. We are a smaller family of four traveling back to the Turks Islands.

Today, instead of returning home like we did 8 weeks ago we will continue on down to Florida.

One really positive thing. I received a call yesterday that we finally got electricity hooked up at the museum. Now will begin the real work.


adele said...


We came across your blog and found it very interesting--especially in that we are thinking of going to Grand Turk for a vacation in early January. Are we being naive? It's hard to get accurate information about conditions post Ike. Should we wait until next year? Any advice you can give would be greatly appreciate.


Neal Hitch said...

Actually, what Grand Turk needs most of all is visitors. Nothing will return to normal until visitors return. If you dive, the reef are phenomenal and actually marine life has been better post hurricane. Life is slow paced and there are still wonderful places to sit and watch the sunset.

Dinner at my house will not be possible, however, yet.