Friday, May 23, 2008

Museo Se'las

This week Martin and I started playing at the Bohio. We play every Tuesday. On our first night we had about fifty people come out. Most came just to see if we were for real. The resort published comments about us. They ranged from "Not what I expected" to "Its quite different isn't it."

I hope these were positive. I liked it anyway. We play with Martin, myself, and two percussionists. We play most of the Last Big Town set, along with a bunch of reggae stuff. I think this is why it was different and not expected. We're like a white reggae band, only old (except for Martin), with no accent (except Se'las who has a very thick Italian accent), and we don't really play reggae standards (we play a mix of country and pop songs with a 2, 4 reggae beat). Ok, maybe we have nothing to do with reggae, we could even be a country band with an electric guitar instead of a mandolin and Hawaiian shirts instead of cowboy hats. But I think it is really cool.

We play for two hours but have an hour and a half of music. The last four songs we replayed the first four songs. But they were much better the second time.

For you Last Big Town aficionados, we played She Makes Me and Live by Faith reggae, very cool.

If I can get a good sample, I will post a video next Tuesday.

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bryanhitch said...

Last Big Town has aficionados?