Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Pine Cay

The Trouvadore project begins this weekend. On Friday, dive crews begin flying into Provo. On Friday my family also flies out of Provo to go home for nine weeks. I would mourn this loss, but I have the feeling that the time is also going to fly starting on Friday.

Tonight I am on Pine Cay staying at the Meridian Club. I was here in February looking at a historic site called Ft. George. Today I have come to Pine Cay with one of our trustees to look at a private collection that may be of interest. I have been taking loads of pictures and writing descriptions that my archaeological friends would be proud of. I.E, "Creamware with green glazed scallop edge and feather molding."

This is all part of a bigger story, but I will save you from the details. What I will say is that working on Pine Cay is tough stuff. I am almost blinded by the stars tonight. And while I was at dinner someone came into my room and stole all the pillows and bedspread. I was going to complain, but someone said that this was called "making down the bed." I am from Ohio and not use to all this fancy shamcy...

Anyway, here is a picture of Dr. Keith and myself hard at work in Pine Cay.

I have to go..the pool closes at 10:00.


Anonymous said...

yeah! thats awsome!! i like it!

berto xxx

bryanhitch said...

Dude, you look great. You should shave the Grey beard and color your hair.