Friday, July 22, 2016

Goodbye Hellowood

This has been the most physical week I have had since Hurricane Ike on Grand Turk in 2008. I am cut a bruised on both arms, dropped a post on the top of my right foot, got scrapped by a post on the back of my left leg, my hands hurt, fingers swollen, legs sore, blister on my heel. I have taken three showers over the 8 days. I threw away all the t-shirts and socks I brought. They smelled from the rain and sweat. Both my shoulders hurt so bad I have not been able to sleep well for three days.

I booked an airport hotel on Travelocity for the airport shuttle, but did not realize the hotel was a spa. What a great way to end Hellowood. Last night we spent the evening in the hot tub and massage pool. Came back to the room and went to bed at 9am. No lie, I had dreams of building a 6m 10x10cm grid and we just could not get it square and had to keep taking it down and putting it up over and over.

This morning Martin and I tried to write a day by day journal of what it took to build the Alt-Cathedral. The days blur together and we worked so long that sometimes the work we did in the morning feels like it should have been the day before.

Lucas left Hungray at 6am. Martin left at 7:30am. I will be leaving in two hours.

Goodbye Hellowood.

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