Monday, July 10, 2017

Hello Painting

Last year it felt like Hello Digging; this year it was Hello Painting

After a year, the Alt Cathedral installation was still in pretty good shape. No rot at all on the burned-wood foundations.  As much as we painted last year, however, it was very obvious we missed lots of areas.

So, the first day we began painting the structure with a semi-transparent white stain. The third day we got new paint and painted another coat. But we used a clear coat instead of the white stain. New paint had to be ordered. So, on days six and seven we painted everything again.

On the bright side, the installation received three coats of preservative. The white paint blended the old work with the new work, and we recieved. A lot of comments that painted white the installation looks even more spiritual in nature.

The images on the Hello Wood Facebook site and Instagram posts look amazing. Painting the whole structure white turned out to be one of the best design decisions made.

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