Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Just Checking In

I wish there was something more exciting to write about. One thing, I guess, is that I am writing this from my house. I got the internet working in the house today... and when I say today I mean about two minutes ago. It has always been here. The phone has been paid during the whole time the house was vacant. So really all I would have to have done was hook it up. Today, I figured this out, or actually Deborah, the Director of Programing at the museum, told me. I brought a modem home from the museum and here I am. As a note, I told you the phones here were expensive. The phone charge is $59 a month for the line and 45 cents a minute for calls.

We are down to the business of museum business this week. I am working on two grants, we have our second children's programing meeting on Thursday, and I have been making Excel spreadsheets for shop inventory. We had an order of 120 maps from the Ritz Carlton but only had 39 maps in stock. This week the map maker, a guy from the UK who has been living on a boat for 16 years doing soundings and navigation charts of all the Bahamas, stopped by the museum and we were able to get 200 more maps. Seems little, but this was huge this week.

I have been working in the wood shop this week as well. I went to price sink vanities. There are two that you can buy and they start at $745. And this is not a very nice vanity. I took apart one of the oak dining benches that was already in the house and cut the oak into workable stock. I have been making an open Mission-style sink cabinet that has turned out very nice. I am having trouble finding tile for the counter, though. I did not know what to expect about what is readily available here. I brought a tile cutter down in my suit case. There are nine tile cutters on the shelf at the Do It Center, but no tile. I should have brought tile! Then the kitchen and bath would be finished already. As it is, I have two weeks left to get everything ready before I leave for Ohio to get the rest of the family. I have a lot of work to do.


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