Sunday, October 21, 2007

Membership Has Its Priviledges

I am the youngest of four very obdurate siblings. My brother and sisters held me down and tickled me (my kryptonite) until I was in my 30s. I never got any respect. These blogs are written partially as recompense for my indefatigability.

Anyway, I wish someone would have told me how cool it is to be the director of a well-respected and influential national museum. I should have started my career as a director ten years ago. I would have been so much happier. For those of you who know what this means: the outside is in fact everything you think it might be.

On Thursday, I was invited to spend the weekend in Provo at the Royal West Indies resort. What a nice break from my typically strenuous week of snorkeling; great company, fantastic meals, even better pool and beach. I think I spent about five hours on Saturday actually in the pool. My room looked out over the pool. I sat on the balcony working on a presentation about the history of the front porch and looking over architectural plans.

We were in Provo to look at the museum property and we met with local architects. Things need to begin to move forward; in time, but forward non-the-less. It was a very productive trip. I have not experienced Provo as a tourist before, and this honed many of my thoughts about the new museum building there.

On Sunday, I returned to Grand Turk. Before leaving we stopped at the IGA and picked up meat for the freezer. I was not going to stock any food before my family came down, but it began to make sense to have food on hand for when they arrive. Now I do.

The house is as finished as it is going to be before Deneen and the boys get here. On Monday, Dave Horn arrives in Grand Turk on a cruise ship. I am spending the day showing him what I have come to regard as my home. I also need to get an air conditioner, cell phones, and finish a couple projects at the museum.

Tomorrow is the first day of the season. We will have a cruise ship in port every day until April.

Everything changes tomorrow.

Oh, the first paragraph is written so that Bryan has to look up several words and will feel that I am smarter than he is. Pickadilly.


Blythe Ann said...

you are a riot and a pompous JA.

bryanhitch said...

Too late.

bryanhitch said...

Leicester Square

Neal Hitch said...

I hope by pompous you mean funny. I really got a laugh out of this blog and am glad you read it so soon. I also hope Bryan had to actually look up the words...cause I did.