Friday, November 30, 2007

How Things Can Change in a Week

Just a quick blog. Last Thursday was Thanksgiving. We spent the day with family in the Smoky Mountains. This Thursday we landed on Grand Turk. The trip was long to get here. We spent the day unpacking and getting use to our new home. We went snorkeling this morning. The water temperature has dropped since I left in late October. It is still nicer than Ohio, but at 82 it was on the chilly side here today. The press release went out a couple days ago about our relocation to Grand Turk as the new director of the National Museum. It was the lead story on the radio all day yesterday. Tomorrow is museum day. This is the biggest planned activity the museum does all year. Jumping in. Hope the water is fine.

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BloggerMania said...

hi, looks you have a happy family. everyone deserve it. I am happy for you.