Sunday, December 2, 2007

Feels A Lot Like Vacation

We have just made it through our first weekend. To be honest, it has felt a lot like a really great vacation. We have unpacked, been snorkeling, spent a lot of money on dinner, stayed up really late playing video games, and have watched movies every night. Water condenses all over the refrigerator, the tub leaks into the kitchen, and there are house geckos in every room, but that's alright because we are just here enjoying the break for a while.

Yesterday was museum day at the museum. I did not know what to expect. Throughout the day we had events such as face painting, friendship pins, snakes from the National Trust, dancing and stories from the Department of Cultural, two pinatas, and Mitch wrote a song for the museum that everyone sang. Probably 50-60 local children attended at different times. Several volunteers came to run programs. The day was from 10:00-4:00 with no breaks for lunch.

Jump in with both feet we did. Deneen ran the friendship pin table helping kids place beads onto pins, something no one had seen before. Martin did face painting. Though, he mostly painted dragon tattoos and kids names that he could not spell. It was a long, fun day that was very similar to a Hillcrest parking lot party, in all its facets. We went to a small get together afterward. People asked if the day was uncomfortable at all. But in fact, we have been perfectly prepared for life here.

Today, we spent the day cleaning, doing laundry, and getting the new screen porch furniture put together. This area will be a nice cool area to eat and relax. I had been using it for storage. We bought outdoor furniture on clearance at Target before we left and this turned out to be a great decision because it is very functional on the screen porch. We worked most of the afternoon so that we could eat dinner on the new table, but then realized that there are no lights on the porch.

We drink almost five times as much water as I did when I lived here by myself. We have gone through five gallons in the last two days. This probably is not unusual, but I only have noted it because we go buy our water by the gallon, and have to wait in line to fill up the container. I think I will have to fill our five gallon container every other day.

Tomorrow I start back to work and we begin to check out the school situation for Martin and Lucas. Another adventure begins.

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