Monday, January 14, 2008

Your Mama!

My mother and sisters arrived in Grand Turk today on the Holland America Zuiderdam. We have been anticipating this day since Deneen and the boys arrived at the end of November.

Mom, Blythe, and Linda were the first ones of the ship at about 7:30AM. We picked up some scones at the bakery (which the baker did not know were scones) and a gallon of water for coffee (I have been gone all week. Upon my return home I found the car void of gas and the house void of water).

Today was our first formal excursion with Holland America as well. Deneen dropped me at the museum and took Mom, Blythe, and Linda to see our house. They returned to the museum at 10:30 to go through the excursion tour and then we were invited to lunch at the Turks Head Inn, the second part of the "Taste of the Island" tour. After lunch we drove around looking at where the boys go to school and where we attend church. Then we went to Cee's and they bought the boys any snack food or pop that they wanted. These things are very expensive here and we do not buy them - ever. But I guess mom and aunts can spoil.

By this time it was 1:15 and last call for the cruise ship was at 1:25. I drove very fast. They were the last people on the ship.

If this sounds like an incredibly short visit, it was.

In the late afternoons you can see the cruise ships leave port and sail off into the sunset. The Zuiderdam is a very large dark gray ship. After going back to the museum to take care of ending the day, we watched the ship sail past the island. Watching it leave was a melancholy ending to a really great day. Deneen cried. I have not seen that in a really long time. We have lived next to my mother and near my sisters since the day we were married. We love being here. But we miss our family.

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bryanhitch said...

She cried like a wuh... baby. Thanks for putting this up so quick. We have been thinking about you all all day and wondering how it would go.