Saturday, January 10, 2009


This past week we have been sailing on the Holland America cruise ship Eurodam. Last Monday the Eurodam called at Grand Turk with my entire family aboard. Almost a year ago we made arrangements to all go on this cruise, which was a Judson College alumni cruise. it was also a pseudo family reunion since we got to see my brother Bryan who is living in California.

Deneen and I decided that since the whole family was aboard we would join them in lieu of going home for Christmas. That was many, many months before Ike. Now, as it has worked out. The Eurodam was the way off Grand Turk for Deneen and the boys, since coming to visit over the holidays.

They came down the week before Thanksgiving on the Carnival Destiny. During this six weeks they evaluated life, opportunities, and options. We have made the decision that they will be living back in Columbus for most of 2009. Grand Turk is not the same as it was in many ways. Life is still pretty tough and there are lots of uncertainties about many things.

Seeing the family for the week was fantastic. I miss my brother Jamie more than I realize. It was good to spend time with him. I also enjoyed seeing everyone's kids. They are growing and changing.

We all lived near one another for years. At one time there were eighteen of us who lived with a few houses on each other. We celebrated birthdays, weddings, births, and we sang. In the past decade or so my oldest sister wound up in Wisconsin, then my brother moved to California, then we moved to the Caribbean. This was a great week of reliving memories.

We docked today in Ft. Lauderdale. Deneen, Martin, and Davis are on their way driving back to Columbus. Lucas and I are sitting in the airport in Charlotte waiting for our next big adventure.

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