Saturday, March 21, 2009

I Saved a Puppy Today

No, don't be ridiculous.

That is not the house I rented. This is where I stayed after I test drove and bought a car yesterday.

While getting a latte twenty minutes after landing in Provo I saw an add for a Jeep Wrangler. “Call Gary,” said the note.

“I bet you anything that is Gary and Margo,” said I as I reached for the phone.

Sure enough. I met Gary and Margo when they lived on Grand Turk. Gary is a construction supervisor and he built the Flowrider. With the downturn here he has been laid off and they are moving back to Canada. After negotiating the jeep, I casually let Gary know that I could not get a hotel room. Of course it would have been rude not to invite me over. But it worked out great because for their last two months here they have been house sitting an amazingly cool house overlooking the Caicos Bank. I should have been staying with them every time I have been here the last four weeks.

You would think this was all good news. Anyway, I won't bother with the details. But I am amazed at how some people are so focused on the details.

My day ended poorly with stress, tension, and negative feelings toward being here. I went to the airport to try and catch an earlier flight, but as I was checking in they were boarding the plane and I had not returned my rental car yet.

I left and went back into town to visit a piece of property we are looking at. I walked around. did some step measurements. Dreamed a little. The entire time I could here this yapping sound. I kept thinking that someone should go take care of their dog. After forty minutes I started looking around for the sound.

I eventually came across a tiny and very skinny black puppy who had fallen in an electrical conduit pit; about six feet deep. Great, so much for self pity and loathing. I jumped into the pit. I took my dress shirt off and covered the puppy so it would not bite me (if you remember I had this happen before). I lifted to puppy out of the pit and put it back up on the road. By the time I climbed out of the pit the puppy was running down the road with its tail between its legs.

I am reminded of something my father use to say to me often, and I often repeat to others: Don't let your emotions be controlled by your circumstances. I am working on another as well: Strive to have a positive effect on those who come across your path.

I drove back to the airport, got on a plane, and flew home.

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