Thursday, March 5, 2009

Measuring Anchors

I have been in Provo and Pine Cay this week. A year ago these trips were sooooo cool. Now it is a lot like work. Well, its a lot like really easy work with great food, boating, swimming and midnight walks along the beach. But as life is viewed through the filter of your past experience, to me this feels a lot like work.

Leah, Don, and I gave a presentation on Tuesday night about what the museum has accomplished in the last year. This was for the Pine Cay Project, an educational foundation that has granted the funding for our mural projects, as well as five other small projects the museum is currently doing. The foundation is made up of Pine Cay homeowners, so many of the contributers as well as the treasure were able to attend.

On Wednesday we went to Ft. George to assess erosion caused by the September hurricanes. We were going to return to Provo but stayed in Pine Cay for a lengthy lunch to discuss international educational foundations and their possible role in funding the national museum.

We got back to Provo just in time for Leah to catch her flight back to Grand Turk. Leah and Dinah will be working on completing the mural on Grand Turk this weekend. I have stayed in Provo where I have had to go to a really important dinner, a breakthrough breakfast meeting, a lunch board meeting, and dinner at Rotary. In between I have been measuring anchors.

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