Wednesday, April 1, 2009

How many Marine Biologist does it take to fit in a bathing suit


All of them.

Yesterday I arrived at the Provo marina to pick up a boat at 7:30 am to Pine Cay. I had breakfast at the Meridian Club and then took a small charter plane to South Caicos to visit the South Caicos School for Field Studies.

The field school is an experiential study program focused on marine ecosystem research. This quarter there are 31 students and I think 7 instructors. Half the day is spent in the classroom. Half the day is spent in the water.

The reality looks like 31 twenty year olds hanging out in bathing suits. Must be a great quarter. They are here from all over the US. There are many universities who partner with the field school to offer basically what amounts to a semester abroad program.

I met staff, ate lunch, measured two cannons. This was a fund-raising trip from Pine Cay. I just tagged along.

I am also going to try and start lecturing here.

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