Monday, April 12, 2010

Dave and Karen

I met Dave and Karen at the museum walking through the exhibits. They are in Grand Turk off a tri-maran sailing vessel and are sailing around the Bahamas for four months. They were just going to be around for a couple days, but they seemed very interested in what we do as a museum. I invited them to our Thursday night Spring 2 Collections event.

The event, the last of three events focused an what the museum does "behind the scenes," was very successful. Jessica walked people through the archival work that she is completing. She had several documents out and we talked about conservation practices and about how various documents have come to the museum.

I love this kind of stuff. We had out an 1888 report on the families who applied for assistance after the September 2, 1888, hurricane. It was fantastic. It listed head of household by name, occupation, number of people in household, and damage to house. One of the great things about the archival project we have been doing is that every once in a while a real gem emerges.

After the program they joined us for a very late dinner along with Bion and Colleen at the Bohio.

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