Thursday, August 12, 2010

If Your Mama Only Knew

Ok, Yesterday was crazy. In fact the whole week has been crazy. A very good friend and patron of the museum came in this week. I promised him some unusual and great dives while he was here.

Yesterday evening we did two dives way up above the lighthouse looking for sharks.

Yes, you heard that correct. There is a level of comfort that keeps expanding as I have snorkeled and dove here. Well, we were on these great reefs with high cliffs plunging into 70 foot valleys. So after getting in with Lucas and Davis I saw a three foot reef shark. This small shark swam in front of me twice, but though I tried to get their attention, Lucas and Davis did not see it. We had other divers in our group. They were in the next valley over and I could see their bubble to my left.

The valley we were in opened up into a sand bottom canyon at about 120 feet. This dive was one of the most spectacular I have seen on Grand Turk.

On our way back to the boat we had to swim across and over several of the large coral heads. I turned around to check on Lucas and Davis. They were swimming right next to each other. As I watched them come over the top of the coral I saw that there was a six foot nurse shark swimming right with them, probably six inches from Davis' flippers. It was as if the shark was trying to figure out what they were doing and where they were going. Davis could have touched it had he just turned and looked. I thought for sure it was going to swim right under them.

I should have waited for that - for the shark to swim under them. But I tried to get their attention so that they would turn around. As soon as the shark saw me do this it did a 180 and took off. They did not even see it!


The other three divers saw a seven foot black tip reef shark, which circled them several times before moving on. When we got to the surface and back in the boat, I asked the boys if their mom would be happy if she knew where we were.

There was a very loud chorus in unison...NO!

This was probably the best dive I have had on GT.

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