Monday, July 4, 2011

July 4 - Independence Day

This July 4th was very different than the last three. Grand Turk, if you remember, was a British Overseas Territory and they did not celebrate July 4th. In fact they did nothing. And last year the blog entry records that we did not do anything either.

Well this year we are in America. Though we are right on the border. Americanism is kind of big. It's just the large majority of the Americans here are bilingual.

There is a celebration called Freedom Fest at the Imperial Valley Community College that is county-wide Chamber of Commerce sponsored event. It is the largest attended event in the valley, well next to the Children's Festival which had 40,000 attendees this year.

Like most things here, the event had a small town feel. But it was tacos and fireworks so how bad could it be. It reminded us a lot of 2002 when we drove to Vencennes, Indiana, for the fourth. Or possibly the 4ths that we spent in Loudonville, Ohio, during music camps at Judson Hills Camp.

It was cool to see fireworks, again.

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