Saturday, July 2, 2011

60 Degreeeeeeeees

I think the hottest place I have ever been was in Phoenix in the mid 1980s. It was 100 degrees at midnight while we were playing basketball.

I know I have pointed out that the Imperial Valley is the second hottest place in the United States to live. But really? Can you read that? I mean really? Can you read that?

That is the front porch.

This morning the Ocotillo Optimist Club had a bike parade and an ice cream social. It was at 8:30am. It was the coolest part of the day at about 105 degrees.

We went out at 4:00 at the peak heat of the day, just to be Nietzschian. Deneen bet me that we would not see another person. The gas station was full. Every car smelled like radiator fluid. We went over to my new friend Jimmy's house to check what his thermometer read. Both my new friend Jimmy and Steve the neighbor came out to sit on the porch. It was only 117 on Jimmy's porch.

Its about midnight. Its 108 degrees on the porch. I am going to get in the hot tub to cool off.

Well it didn't kill us, so I guess we're stronger.


Bryan said...

Sometimes I just have to laugh to keep from crying. It was only 106 here today. We worked in the yard, we swam, we ate, we swam, we worked in the yard, we swam. Cause that's what we do.

Dave Horn said...

When does Jimmy start being Jimmy, as opposed to "my new friend?"