Friday, February 1, 2008

Best Day or Worst Day?

Today, we finally got our satellite dish hooked up. We already had a 6' dish in our yard. You get converters from a guy who has been on island since 1999 doing telecommunications work. He used to have his own business in Florida. Our connection runs through New Jersey so our network channels are all New York based.

Late this afternoon we ran the cables between the AV closet and the TV. Like most days in the States, Martin and I watched nothing for about two hours while Lucas was at karate for the first time. But I did get the TV up in time for the Superbowl, which is a real plus.

Because we got the TV hooked up one day too late, tonight we are trying to watch Lost on the computer. We planned a Mexican food party, with tortilla shells that we found this week. But just our luck, in the middle of the first few minutes of Lost the power has gone off. The power will be on in a few minutes and we will finish. In the mean time, you cant believe how many stars you can see from here.

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