Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Whale Watching

Monday was Davis' birthday. He turned 11. I tried to make Saturday's trip to Salt Cay his birthday present. But this did not work.

So on Monday, Deneen and Davis went whale watching. Our friends went on Saturday. They saw tons of whales, literally. People on their boat got in the water and snorkeled with the whales. Also a film crew from Oasis Divers evidently got great footage.

On Monday, Deneen and Davis went on a very small boat and went back past Salt Cay into open water looking for whales for three hours. I had hoped that the trip would be one of the coolest things Deneen has ever done in her life. Something happens to me almost every third or fourth day that is the coolest thing I have ever seen. I don't think Deneen has said that for years.

Well, they did not see a single whale. And Deneen got really sick. Martin and I met them at the boat when they came back to land. Both Deneen and Davis looked like they had been dumped in the water. Evidently, the boat had been over bog waves and water came across the boat every time the front hit down onto the water.

They did see Dolphins. Davis thought this was great. I will put his video on here in a couple of days.

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