Sunday, February 3, 2008

Superbowl superparty

The Superbowl party tonight was at Big Daddy's at White Sand Beach near the cruise center. They are normally closed on Sundays, but they had a special party tonight with the game projected from an LCD on the wall.

We went down at 3:00 and went snorkeling around the cruise ship dock. We also searched the beach for sea glass. At 5:00 the buffet opened. The buffet cost $30 a person. Seems harsh, but the boys and I probably ate 75 wings.

Sea glass is made from pieces of broken beer bottles that have been smoothed and frosted by being in the ocean for years. Here, they are small frosted green glass fragments that look like gems. are neighbor and two other acquaintances make jewelry out of them. We looked at some yesterday at the cruise center. It is pretty cool.

This has been a pretty good weekend.

This past week I have been to Provo for two days at the national science fair. Six high schools were represented. The museum had a display talking about the upcoming Trouvadore project in July. The high school on Grand Turk won with their project evaluating the condition of the Salinas here. It was an exceptional project.

On Saturday we had the kick off of our children's program. We had 32 sign up. This was very good. The kids went to a beach on the north end of the island to collect shells. Then they identified the shells and decorated a box to keep the shells in. The best part of the day for the kids was riding to the beach in the back of pick up trucks. Something I don't think you would see very often in the states. The best thing I saw was a glued down snail trying to desperately crawl off some kids box. Nice.

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