Friday, August 22, 2008

Dave Has Left the Building

This has been a pretty good week. Dave Horn was my first true visitor. He had come to Grand Turk for one day on a cruise on October 23. Things worked out for him to come stay for the last 6 days.

Dave and I have been great friends for 25 years. That seems hard to believe, but true. We would have had a good time just hanging out and talking and watching the Olympics. But this morning we talked about how fast the week has gone. Dave was trying to remember all we had done. I will break it down.

In the last six days Dave spent 11 1/2 hours swimming or paddling in the water. He had fresh fish (caught in the last three to five hours) three evenings: grilled grouper, broiled grouper, fried chub, and snapper rissoto. He had dinner at Big Daddies at White Sands, ate BBQ ribs and fresh caught grilled lobster at the Ospey, al fresco dinner at Chineese Joan's, and cokes at the SandBar. He heard two local bands. He had meals with a diver named Eric, Justin, David and Katja, Alessio and Jackie, Joan, and tangigally with Monica, Donna, and Mario, and Chris and the SandBar gang. He kayaked with the Governor and swam with the stingrays. The back of his neck and the top of his head are about as tan as my feet. None of this includes the day and a half he installed AV equipment at the museum. I told him this morning that this week was about a month of activities for me.

Tomorrow I head back to work alone. I am probably going to miss my two BioRock dives because I have to take the Children's Club on a tour of the Royal Navy ship that docks in the morning, in the afternoon I have to complete a snorkel survey of the Harlod wreck site, and I have to attend a Governor's reception in the evening.

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