Sunday, August 3, 2008

Turtles and Stingrays

I was 105 feet underwater today. If this does not sound crazy to you. Please go to the nearest building about 8 stories high, climb to the roof, and swim back down to the street.

I am sorry my blogs have been about this lately, but with Deneen and the boys gone I have been working at the house and trying to get twenty dives completed. Thats about all I am doing.

Today, I dove with Andre and Joe, who are writing a book on diving the reefs of Grand Turk. We dove in two areas that are not dive sites yet. The first site will possibly be called Turtle Paradise, because there are always turtles on the reef. We saw six Green Sea Turtles.
I explained already about breathing control, right? This dive was 55 minutes at an average depth between 60 and 80 feet. When we came back on boat I had 1200 pounds of air left. I was with four other very experienced divers and did well enough that for the second dive they decided to try one of the more extreme dives they have discussed in the book.

We dove between two mooring sites. We swam down the wall at 60 feet, and then into a crevice where we went down under a coral head and came out at the base of the wall, at 105 feet. We swam back to an area they called "the cut" and went back up to the top of the reef. We swam back to the boat at about 25 feet to gas off the nitrogen that collects in your blood when you dive deep. This was a 70 minute dive. I returned with 800 pounds of air.

Here is a picture of the kitchen. I tried to work today, but I am exhausted from swimming.

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