Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Carnival Destiny

We arrived without issue in Miami and with no trouble, boarded the Carnival Destiny. As cruises go, I would be a little disappointed if we were not on board as a means of travel. But as travel goes, a cruise to Grand Turk is one fourth the cost of flights, if you shop and travel in the off season.

The trip to Nassau was cold. We did not wear shorts or swim suites at all. Nassau was great. We visited the oldest wooden house (incorrectly interpreted both by date of construction and by domestic use), the national art museum, and one of the old forts. We walked a lot, which always makes me happy but makes everyone else crabby.

The next day our ship was not able to stop at Half Moon Cay because of waves. The next day was also bad. Many people told me later that they did not think our ship would be able to stop. Had we not stopped it would have been an awful cruise and there would have been 3000 unhappy passengers on the two days back to Miami. We did stop.

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