Thursday, December 18, 2008

First Night back in the House

Last night was the first night back in the house at Corktree Beach. We spent all day cleaning floors and getting beds back together while the electricians wired a few old ceiling fans and lights. We have about 50% of the electric back working. But this includes the stove and refrigerator so that is major.

We are still moving between the apartment, the museum, and the house. Our stuff is spread all over. The closets are not finished so though we can stay at the house, we still are working on the whole clothes thing.


Dan McLaughlin said...

Neil Hitch! How in the world are you my friend?! I stumbled on your blog tonight after searching for you in a google search. I was sitting in my living room tonight and God put you in my mind! You have been on my heart bro and NOW I know why! The West! A lot of years have gone by and you look as old as I do!!! Haha! Drop a line when you have time and let me know more about what you are doing. I am genuinely interested.

Dan McLaughlin

Anastácio Soberbo said...

Nice blog.
Have a Holy Christmas.
A hug from Portugal