Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Day Off?

I have had a seven day work week since October 10. This is the first weekend where I have not been in the field or at the museum. All I have to do is write a 2000 word article on British Royal military regimental buttons and finish a book review for Myths and Realities in Caribbean History.

On Saturday, I did not get up until 10:00am. I watched a movie. I tended my herbaceous plants. I swept the floors(the house has not been cleaned in weeks). I wrote a little.

I did not cook anything for the two weeks we were on Pine Cay, nor the week I have been on Provo. So, I spent a large part of the day yesterday making a lemon grass and ginger vegetable soup, thyme roasted potatoes, and Jack Daniel's original #7 BBQ chicken marinated in Cerveza (my herbs are doing well and I brought 10 bottles of sauces back from Provo).

Then, I watched the OSU game and more movies.

Today, I made steak and eggs for brunch (I also brought back 14 steaks). I washed all my sheets and comforter covers. I washed the slip covers on the chairs. Now I am going to watch football all day.

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