Thursday, December 24, 2009


It has been a week since Martin arrived, and several days since Deneen and the other two boys got here. The day Martin came in to Grand Turk, Tiffany left. She actually flew out on the plane he came in on.

Martin flew in on AA points and had miserable connections. He left Columbus last Wednesday, flew to Laguardia in New York, took a bus between LGA and Kennedy, took a shuttle to a hotel, checked in (though technically he is a minor and can not check into a hotel),got up at 4:00am and made the flight to Provo, and took the small domestic flight to Grand Turk. I almost wanted to leave a car for him at the airport so he could make the whole trip on his own, but I picked him up.

Deneen, Lucas, and Davis came in a couple days later. They had to drive to Pittsburgh Friday night. It started snowing on their way out. This was the weekend of the big east coast storm. They stayed overnight at the Holiday Inn Express at the airport. In the morning they took the airport shuttle. The roads were covered. The flight before theirs boarded. Then a few minutes later the plane unboarded. Cancelled to Philly. Deneen's flight was changed to a different gate. They boarded, deiced, and took off an hour late.

At Charlotte they had to run to their new gate. They arrived a minute before the door closed. The last people on the plane. I met them in Provo, unfortunately their luggage did not.

We finally picked up the luggage yesterday. In a few hours it will be a Merry Christmas.

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