Friday, December 11, 2009

Work, Work, Work

This week has been sooooo much work. I am trying to finish grant reports. We wrote and submitted a $120,000.00 grant for the National Arboretum last week. I am beginning a new round of the After School Homework program, which was re-grant funded. We received a $10,000 foundation grant that had to be matched with "new" sources of funding, but we had only raised half by December so I am trying desperately to find another five $1000 donors this week. I am trying to get CAD drawings completed of the foundations we found and measured at Ft. George. And this week we were suppose to begin the installation of the new Salinas Kiosk. What I did not get done by Friday was three support letters other people have asked me to write.

This is also party season - if anyone remembers. Today I received three invites: a BBQ at Alessio's tomorrow, the Carnival Christmas party on Tuesday, we have a museum party on Wednesday, then a Red Cross party next weekend. In between this, my family arrives, so I also have to clean the house.

I am exhausted and not sleeping well. I am so tired today. I worked until after dark yesterday and the sun has already gone down today. I did not get to swim either. And everyone is complaining that I am crabby. I might as well be in the frigid north if I am going to work all the time.

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