Monday, March 21, 2011

Air Show

Well, this has really been a busy couple of weeks and I will try and catch up. I finally decided that I would just blog about stuff as if it just happened, rather than letting things go or trying to keep stuff in chronological order. Since I am mostly by myself no one will know anyway. But then, if I always say that this happened "today" it will seem like I am never working.

Two weekends ago was the public introduction of the Navy's Blue Angels 2011 demonstration team. Their winter training base is here at the Nav Fac facility in Seely. There was a food and music fest at the base on Friday night and an airshow on Saturday. I went to both.

Saturday's airshow marked the kickoff of the Blue Angles' season. This was their first public performance as a team. The air show went all day. Mostly typical stuff. But I love seeing the WWII vintage aircraft and paid to walk though a Boeing B-17 bomber so it was a good day for me.

Some organization was holding a car show in one of the hangers. One of the cars was an AMC Pacer. Deneen drove a car exactly like this in High School, until her brother totalled it.

I am begining to know what it feels like to get old...

You know you are getting old when you feel nostalgia about something that someone else is preserving as history.

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