Saturday, May 14, 2011

Dethrone SoCal 250

Today the Dethrone SoCal 250 desert race was held in Plaster City. This will be the biggest desert race held this year.

I got up a 6:00am and went over to painted gorge with John the neighbor. What is a desert race like, you ask? Hot and dusty.

This was a 250 mile race, five complete laps. Every lap caused the course to get chewed up and the sand to become deeper. By the third lap trucks started to get stuck.

A 50-mile lapwas taking the leaders about 45 minutes. Thats about an average of 70 mph. In the flat the trucks were going about 140 mph.

I was in an area of pretty rough terrain. One truck slammed into the ground right in front of me. The guys got out, ripped the front of the truck off and kept going.

Anyway, I am going to reset my goals of how fast I can drive in the desert.

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