Thursday, June 9, 2011

Coyote Mountains

It was hot today. Graham even put his pants in the freezer. The boys were awaken today by a 4.4 magnitude earthquake that struck at 8:22am about 13 miles south of Seely. It rattled the house for about 20 seconds.

When it cooled down this evening, we drove out Shell Canyon Road back into the Coyote Mountains. Somewhere up that way there is an ancient oyster shell bed left over from when the whole world was covered with water. And I guess before earthquakes so big they created mountains.

We could not find the shell beds, but we did come across a small slit canyon that looked cool.

The pictures should tell the story. But we hiked and climbed for 2 1/2 hours. Through the canyon. Then up the end of the canyon. This was not the plan, but at least today we were a little more prepared with water, gloves, and hiking boots

Graham said he did not have a problem getting up, but he was not sure the plan to get back down.

There's usually always a way down on the backside.

But then we almost had to come down on our backsides.

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