Thursday, June 29, 2017

Cake is Better than History

Today was an amazing day in Budapest. We headed out to the Buda side - Budapest is the combination of two cities, Buda and Pest joined together in 1873. We went over to see Buda Castle, the most visited tourist site in Budapest, but instead went to the Ruswurm cafe for some cake. This is the oldest cafe in Budapest,  in operation since 1827. Having cake there was on two lists of the top 10 things to do.

We then headed to the Budapest History Museum. I was wonderfully surprised. We saw three exceptional exhibits, all based on archaeology. One was a temporary exhibit using archaeological projects resulting from construction projects around the city to illustrate the different cultures and people that have occupied the area where the city is today. This exhibit was excellent.

The views from the Buda Castle are wonderful, and probably why it is the most visited site.

In the afternoon, we took advantage of walking past the Rudas Baths to sit for a third time in the thermal waters that run throughout the city. These baths date to the Ottoman occupation of the city and were built in 1566.

Afterward we relaxed yet again at a coffee house. We leave tonight for Hello Wood and say good by to Budapest. But I should say...the archaeology exhibit was better than the cake.

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