Sunday, June 25, 2017

On my Way to Hello Wood

I left today for Hungary. I am meeting Lucas in Chicago and then we are flying to Budapest. If there is anything I would ever want to do, it would be attend an art and architecture camp. I find it to be an unbelievable privilege to get to teach at one again this year.

We put together our presentation this week. We are working on the concept of Adaptive Use.

This seems innovative, but it is really what I have hoped to do my whole career. I want to create space where people want to be engaged.

I wrote a note to our team members yesterday. It said, "I think the most successful part of our first project, the Alt-Cathedral, was digging out the foundation of the "Ruin" and building the fire pit. We lit it every night, and it was indeed a focal point where people gathered."

We will be working on the goal of creating a new space at the Cathedral. One that focuses on this idea of gathering. One that breaks down the nature of public and private, and creates a space that is both invites and separates. I am excited for what might come out of this project.

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