Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Paradise Virus

I flew back to the US this weekend for a fundraising event and to get take care of a couple of other things. The visit was too short, but I was also glad to get back here. It is funny how quickly something becomes familiar.

I have said repeatedly that it is never dull here. I had a full day of flights, but when I returned there was a film crew using the museum for a shoot. There is a small movie company that owns one of the hotels on the island. A couple times a year they bring a crew down and film really bad B movies that play on Lifetime channel on cable.

This particular movie is a murder mystery. They were shooting scenes in the museum as if it were a bookstore. Deborah was here very late to close the museum. I stayed until 10:00. Thomas came over with their guests and some Mookie Pookie Pizza. This is the only pizza place on the island. It was not bad at all.

While cleaning out the house here, I came across a whole box of VHS tapes. I went through each one the first week. One of them was a tape of Paradise Virus, a film shot on Grand Turk in 2001. It was really, really bad. No I mean it, it was really bad. I didn't even watch the ending. I have kept the tape and I will keep a VHS player. Every time someone comes down to visit I will make them watch it.

I forgot to mention...while I was gone Cool Beans opened. This is a new coffee and ice cream shop. How quickly things change. Niki, one a Deborah's friends, came over to the museum and brought us ice cream. The ice cream was actually great. She said that it was not fair she had to wait two years to get ice cream and I only had to wait two weeks.

While I was gone the water crises was also solved. I have just this minute returned from waiting in line to fill up my five gallon water container. I also dropped by the store to get a cucumber, tomato, and some English Liecester Cheddar cheese. Tonight I am trying to get two bedrooms painted and then I can begin to unpack boxes.
Anyway, I am back. Thanks everyone who put stuff together for me to bring back. It was a great help. This will be a very busy week, both at the house and at the museum. We also had another air conditioner go down while I was gone.



bryanhitch said...

I think you should grow your hair long to go with your tan and weight loss. Mom said you look ten years younger. Line number 1; "So now he looks fifty?", I said. Line number 2;
"Younger than what?" Line number 3; Yeah, but have you seen his wife?" Line number 4; Piccadilly. I really enjoy reading about your adventure. Stay cool!

John said...

Hey Neal,

My family loved seeing you last weekend at your BBQ--Elizabeth thinks we are soulmates on these parallel adventures.

But you got to go home already?? I am 42% of the way through my fall time before I get to go home for Christmas! It's easy to count--each week is 5%.

Check out my blog again--I wrote about us.

Glad you look younger--you will look almost my age now!