Monday, September 10, 2007

Rain and Nights

Last night it rained and the wind blew very hard. The metal roof makes this seem like a freight train coming through the house (or actually something else that I am not going to mention). I could not sleep and was up from 3:00am until 5:30am.

Today was a very big day. The nine museum trustees flew in from around the islands for the first trustee meeting in over a year. I am working here with some outstanding people, and I am excited about the possibilities.

It is hot and lonely here without Deneen and the boys. I have a sun burn. Our stuff came in today on the container ship but it is going to take a week of coordination to get it out of customs. I have to record, or hire someone to record, every single item that we packed. These are to be itemised on a customs form. Each item coded with a standard custom code number. This would have been easier had I known this when we packed.

I don't have a phone or TV, or even any food in the house. Today, the boat with fresh produce arrived and I was told that everyone will go to the market and buy what they need today and tomorrow. I don't have anything to cook with and I don't know what I would buy anyway.

I met the Russian guy who installs satellite systems today. He is going to hook our house up, but I have to pay several months up front so I have to wait until I get paid here. I have very little money left right now.

However, yesterday I swam on our beach and took a walk. Everyone I have ever known will want to visit us here. It is one of the most beautiful and magical places I have ever been. I will need to buy snorkel sets for every one plus additional sets for visitors. It is so outstanding to be in the water that it is almost unimaginable. Last night I had pizza with our neighbors. It was a great dinner and a great time.

You need sandals and extra sandals here. As well as plenty of sheer, loose fitting clothes of thin material that can be washed and dried easily. Not too many jeans. I have piles of clothes that I sweated out. Life is tough in the house right now, but everyday at work I meet someone interesting. It is like living in novel. I opened up the museum on Sunday and had 15 people come in from the Crown Princess. Today, I have heard twice from people who said something like, "I heard you opened the museum up on a Sunday. Couldn't believe it. Very good."

Did I say that I miss my family.

Such is the end of my fourth day on Grand Turk.



bryanhitch said...

I am so proud of you for doing this. All of it! It sounds like an incredible adventure. Sort of reminds me of being on the road. (Wally World) Please post often even if it's short. Not a big blogger but I'll read yours.

bryanhitch said...

Yesterday would have been our Dad's 79 birthday. He would be so proud of you as well! Hang on, your family will be there soon.

Richard Vert said...

Good luck. I was born in the Turks & Caicos Is. I moved to NY in 1980. I love both places. don't let out there get you down. Every new spot takes time getting used to. It's beautiful out there & i hope your family likes it. Peace.