Saturday, September 15, 2007

Swimming in a Fish Tank

I went snorkeling today for the first time. I just went off of our beach. Our beach is about two to four feet deep and goes out for several hundred yards. It is covered with sea grass, but every so often this gives way to small pockets of sand and coral. Small tropical fish live at the edges of these pockets. The pockets look just like fish tanks. I swam into one where there was a school of medium sized silver fish with yellow fins; into another and I was surrounded by thousands of minnows. It was very, very cool.

I spent the morning here at the museum working on the HVAC system, we have an air conditioning unit down. This afternoon I have been fixing electrical problems at the house. The salt air is very corrosive, and things have to be fixed or replaced continuously. I got the dining room lights working, replaced the exterior carport light, and I am almost done chasing down some outlets in the living room. The lights in the house have been a goal all week, I am excited to have them completed.

I bought gas for the truck today - $5.35 a gallon.


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Blythe Ann said...

Neal, this is amazing. I just read all of your blogs (so far) - it is an adventure. I miss you - today has been cold - really unbelievable - my choir retreat sat in the sun on the deck for lunch, it was too COLD in the house....not really but a couple of them really complained....I told them I would invite them back in January...they declined.
You write and it feels like we can be right there with you. I love you!