Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Saving Puppies

Last night I bought groceries, well sort of. I bought something to eat. Besides the two limes in the house I now have a tomato, a cucumber, and some really hot peppers. I also bought some English white cheddar. Oh, and I paid $3.50 for a loaf of bread. I went home and made cucumber and tomato sandwiches for dinner and felt very English. Today was another matter.

Every five days there has been something quite different. Today, the museum got a call to see if we had a puppy net. The regular puppy saver had flown to Provo today so I offered my services. I was able to locate the puppy net and made arrangements to save puppies at 5:00pm, after the heat of the day...

5:56pm update:

I just met Helene. She is French Canadian and runs a makeshift animal shelter on the island. She is about 65, the size of Lucas, and was a concert pianist. The museum works with Helene to provide an animal hospital twice a year. Veterinarians come from Canada and use our conservation laboratory to spade and neuter all of the animals they can.

There is a limited culture of animal kindness here. People do not treat their dogs especially well. Someone dropped four puppies off in front of the TCI Bank (this means on the front road down by the ocean). Helene came to rescue them. They were hiding way down in some sticker bushes. She had gotten two, but then called the museum to see if we had a puppy net, which we did (actually used for underwater archaeology). Thomas, the regular puppy saver who by now had returned, trapped one down in the rocks with the puppy net. I thought kindness would work better, but I was bitten three times on my hand and finger. Kind of bad on one finger (but it was just a puppy). I overcame the pain and got the lost dog in the bushes. All is well. Now I must go home and make more cucumber and tomato sandwiches.

Oh, I also had meetings on the importance of confronting treasure seekers (pirates) on the open ocean and lessons on how not to back down from their physical threats, but this is to be expected.


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