Saturday, July 18, 2009

DECR Junior Wardens Program

This week the Department of Environmental and Coastal Resources held their Junior Warden Program at the museum. Lucas and Davis participated for the week.

There is quite a difference between youth programs on a small island in the Caribbean and anything in the US. Ten youth ranging from twelve to fourteen years old participated in the program. They spent the week doing boating and water sport activities that anywhere else would have been seen as a liability risk. Where else would you put ten kids on a boat and take them to an uninhabited island to release an endangered iguana without any parental signatures?

Well, maybe when I signed the registration it released the DECR from any indemnity.

On Wednesday they dissected lion fish. That's right, the fish that have poisonous spines. Look at Davis - no gloves. This was cool - I could not help from pushing kids out of the way to clip spines and cut open fish guts. At the end of the day we took the lion fish home and put them in the new BBQ smoker that I made out of trash. The smoker was made from an old water pressure tank. I cut a door in it, then went to the dump and found old metal grating, which was cut out to make the grill. The lion fish sat in the smoker for an hour and came out as a smoky glazed white fish filled with small bones and toxic cartilage. That which does not kill you makes you stronger.

On Thursday, the kids did a Discover Scuba program and participated in a 40 foot dive. Davis was the most excited about this and was thrilled he got to dive. The fact that the rest of us got certified last year, and he did not, has been a source of constant contention. Since Thursday all he can talk about is getting certified.
But I don't know. I don't like the idea of my baby underwater.

On Saturday Martin, Lucas, and I went diving - without Davis. We decided that since this might be Martin's last few weeks ever in Grand Turk that we will go diving every Saturday until they leave in August. We also decided to have a BBQ to celebrate Lucas receiving the 2009 DECR Junior Warden best student award. Go figure.

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