Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Date Night

Well, maybe it should be date nights!

I never get tired of really cool things here. Last night Deneen and I had a date night at Waterloo, the Governor's residence, for a reception for the officers of the RFA Fort George. Just a small reception for a handful of people, but it was fun. I really like talking to the young Royal Navy officers.

There was one young engineering cadet who was nineteen. I told him that he looked about as old as my son, and I would not trust my son to be in charge of a ship or any kind of weapons system.

Tonight, Deneen and I left the boys at home again and went to the Pirates Choice restaurant (which I like to refer to as Pirate Pete's), which is new. They have a "romantic couples dinner" on Wednesday nights. Friends told us about it a couple weeks ago. We went last week and again this week. We were the only couple having the "romantic dinner," but doesn't that make it more romantic?

Well, it makes a nice night out to talk about things, like the future. Or like Martin. Neither, of which is really romantic.

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