Saturday, July 11, 2009

You Had to be There

No, opposite of that. I think had you been there last night would have seemed not that big of a deal to you. But I think it will make a great story. As an aside, a friend emailed this week. At the end of their email they asked if we were still doing music on Grand Turk.

Friday night was our second "Fridays in July" at the museum. Alessio showed up with his percussion rig at 8:00. Conky came about 9:00 to play jimbe. At 9:45 Zeus came to play the ripsaw. This was very cool and new. Not many people came to watch, but we were having fun playing.

About 10:00 someone came over to the museum to say that the business college was having a jerk festival and they were looking for bands to play.

Now, before you make a comment on who the perfect band to play a jerk festival would be, let me stop you. It is old, and it is not funny anymore.

Anyway, we hastily tore down the sound system and moved our musicians party over to the business college. We began our set again and soft rocked the jerk party until 1:30am.

At about 1:00 a couple people in the audience decided they would come on stage and sing. It got crazy after that. My back hurt and my wrists felt like they were going to fall off. Did I tell you we started playing at 8:00?

Five hours is longer than I have ever played before. This is just too long.

Allesio tore his rig down, but they asked if I could leave the sound system up so they could play music. The museum is three blocks away. I took a few things back to the museum.I could not believe how loud the music was they were putting through my small system. And then I started the walk home.

What? Well yes, Deneen took the truck home at midnight.

I walked down to Mitch's half-built house; looked around for a while; stubbed my big toe on unfinished concrete. Though about a mile away now, I could still hear the dance hall mix pumping out of my two 450s.

The second half of the walk home was at least on the beach. The near full moon reflected off the water and the night was bright. About the time I hit the Harrison's house, past the Bohio, I decided to go for a swim. I was about two miles from town now, but I could still hear the music. I looked at my phone. It was now 3:30am.

Our house is about a fifteen to twenty minute walk down the beach from the Harrison's. About half way home the music stopped.

When I got home the house was locked. I thought to myself...who would drive home, leave me an hour walk, and then lock me out...I woke Deneen, found the truck keys, and drove back to town. I arrived back at the business college and loaded my sound system as they were cleaning up.

I returned home about 4:20am, washed my bloody, sandy foot in the tub and went to bed.

This morning we awoke at 6:30 to fly to Provo to pick up Martin from the airport. Short night. My wrists still hurt. My back still hurts. I am working, as usual. Deneen and Martin are both asleep in the hotel room. But its a nice room...

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