Sunday, July 12, 2009

Ocean Club

The gig is up about Provo. Deneen would not ever fly over with me last year. I have since learned that this was because she thought it was just like Grand Turk here. Well, its not. This weekend, Deneen left Lucas and Davis on Grand Turk and came to Provo with me to pick up Martin. The new problem is that I have to come to Provo to work, but Deneen thinks we come for vacation.

There is not much good about the current global reccession, except that this year we have been able to stay at some very nice resorts that we would not otherwise.

This weekend we have been at the Ocean Club. This is one of the first beach clubs built on Grace Bay on Provo. I thought that Club Med was the first, but the Ocean Club opened in 1981, four years before Club Med.

The early resorts here are very low rise, eco friendly, beach friendly, and in many ways open air. They were built here before modern amenities were consistently available.

To me, this makes them very cool. There are 115 rooms in ten bungalow styled buildings at the Ocean Club. Between the buildings is a amorphic garden pool with a small gazebo set up with guest-available BBQ grills. At the other end of the compound is the rectangular ocean pool and pool bar.

The rates are in fact very reasonable for Provendinciales, especially considering that you are on Grace Bay beach, one of the top 10 beaches in the world.

The room is nice and clean. We have a delux junior suite with two queen beds and a small kitchenette. The bathroom shows signs of wear and the room is smaller than others, but the screen porch, which is two thirds the size of the room, makes up for everything.

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