Thursday, October 29, 2009

Poison Wood Itches Bad!

Ah! I came back to Grand Turk this week to check up on some things. When I woke up on Wednesday my arms were covered with a rash from the Poison Wood tree. This is a nasty tree here that is like Poison Ivy on steroids. It drops acid on you from its leaves. So much for archaeology being cool.

I itch so bad. I got through my meetings though. The air conditioning guys got hung up on their other job so they are not starting until Monday. The interpretive panels shipment got held up. Maybe next week. Today, the electricity went on and off four or five times. The last time only one leg of our power came back on in the museum.

Now we have to scramble up some kind of plan for our cruise ship tours tomorrow. Well, I guess Tiffany does because at 5:00 I was back on a plane to Provo where I missed the boat and have to hold up (or is that holed up?) until tomorrow morning.

But, I am hold up at the Seven Stars. So I should quit complaining.

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ly said...

When I moved to California I got poision oak and tecnu was the only product that helped.